Why An Event Should Be In Your Sales Development Plans

In the early stages of building a business it’s key to establish individuals who can be beneficial to your company’s growth. Investors, commercial partners, potential staff and ideal customers are all an equal part of your early ecosystem that can be the difference between your venture being a success or another failed startup. 

To connect with multiple people at once we strongly recommend including an event in your pre-sales and pre marketing strategy. An event, if executed correctly will not only cost-effective, but an efficient  way to engage with multiple potential stakeholders at once.  Although we believe in all things digital, if a face-to-face meeting is a possible we will always recommend taking/creating that opportunity.


What you’ll need to do: 

  • Create an event page.
  • Create an invite that sells value outside of your offering.  
  • Build an exciting panel…Reach out to thought leaders and industry experts in your field and explain why your event will be mutually beneficial. This can be done at no financial cost.  
  • Find a decent venue that holds a decent amount of people. You don’t want to be too ambitious here as you want to try and fill all seats.
  • Finally, create some great content and begin personal outreaches. Eventbrite is great as they help to drive traffic to your event. If you feel you can generate enough interest then Splashthat is a great free site that features some beautiful customisable event templates. 

Here’s an example message:  

“Hey {First Name},

What are you up to on February 18th?

We’re hosting a private event for {industry specific} professionals on where we will be discussing ‘X.’

Our panel features  {list speakers and their companies or what they’re known for}.

It would be great to have your input on the evening.

Drinks and canapés are all including free of charge. 

Do let me know if you’re available to attend, or you can rsvp here {event page link}

(Your name or Business name)


Remember that first impressions last! This is a golden opportunity to leave your impact on those who will make a difference for your business… We recommend asking for feedback at every given moment. During your be sure not to oversell and talk to much about your business. Listen to the needs of potential customers and what they’re looking for. This will help you to find where your business can fit in and how to best articulate your offering based on feedback. 

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