“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” ― Sun Tzu

Start Cre8ive was born in June 2017 and since then we’ve helped 13 startups and 2 scale-ups to become victorious warriors.

Our mission as a sales development agency is to help founders to directly tackle 3 of the top-10 reasons startups fail; failure to prove commercial viability, poor hiring decisions (we are of course focused on sales hires), and the inability to execute sales & marketing. Indirectly we tackle a few others also.

How we do this?

We develop sales strategy plans and implement solutions that help early stage companies to create their sales foundations and start to generate revenue. Our offerings solve problems that many businesses either have faced or will face and the data we gather helps to; create metrics for sales hires, launch new or alternative sales verticals and allow for accurate valuation when raising funds.

In a nutshell, if you haven’t started selling we lay down all the groundwork to get you generating revenue, and if you are selling we create ways for you to sell more.

What have we been doing?

Meeting, greeting and providing value.

Engaging with founders, being ever present at events, in online groups and wherever else people would be potentially seeking help and advice. By doing this our aim is to observe and provide value where we can. In all our completed projects we’ve provided great ROIs or data of where changes need to be made which is invaluable to a startup.  

Since starting up we’ve learned a few things about our business too.  Our buyer journey is crystal clear. We know what to send for a follow-up and what prospects don’t respond to. We know how many meetings it typically takes to convert a lead into an opportunity and an opportunity into a paying client, also what data people want to see before they decide if they’d like to work with us or not…These are all things you should know about your business. If you don’t drop us a message we can help with that!

We’ve recently launched phase 2 of our strategy: Selling Online.

In 2018 there are a million things to sell online that can be done relatively easily…A service based business is NOT one. There is an ocean of content out there of which you are a small drop, everyone seems to be a self-proclaimed expert on something or the other, and people are generally not very open to cold contact. Still, we power through, testing and monitoring all verticals and even if things are going well you should be too! These days things are constantly changing and with data and market analysis you will are prepared for any challenge, thus giving your business the best chance of being proactive and not reactive.

So who are we?

Victorious warriors of course! And we are here to help you win before you go to war.