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In 2017 142 of the 902 projects set-up failed before their offering. Despite this, in the first two months of 2018, 50 Initial Coin Offerings raised over $1.1 billion, compared with $5.6 billion raised through token sales during the whole of 2017.

Since then however, marketing ICOs has become that much harder with Facebook, Google and Twitter announcing ad bans on their platforms.

Here are 5 lean hacks smart ICO marketers are using to sidestep these challenges and get their projects noticed.

1. High Quality Content

Content will always be king. Ensure you have engaging, high-quality content that is ready to be distributed. If you don’t have quality content, your project, however amazing and innovative, will simply fail to stand-out. Try to use current affairs as a way of getting readers engaged and always remember to include the problem your project aims to solve.

Resources can be limited and so you need to focus on being effective but lean. Outsourcing content is a great way to save your team’s time and allow for focus on more heavy lifting. As with anything crypto related costs can be high. I use CoinContent which is a company that will produce you a set amount of organic articles for a flat fee.

2. Right Channels

Having great content is not enough to get your ICO out there. After all, great content is only useful when people — more importantly the relevant people — see it. To do so get your content published on top-tier websites (don’t forget videos are always great).

Focus on platforms that will get you exposure to the wider crypto-community and also try to develop relationships with high-end crypto news outlets. This is important because as every marketer knows, one campaign is unlikely to really get the word out. The list goes on here but a few of my niche picks are listed below:

These will cost but always try to negotiate a package deal.

3. ICO Listing Sites

One proven way to get the word out about your project is getting it on ICO listing platforms. There are many to consider and it really can be time consuming to fill out forms and send emails to each of these sites. Coinlister is a cool tool that I’ve been using as of late. You submit your ICO details and they do the rest, getting your coin listed on up to 350 media outlets and directories, including reddit and crypto forums.

4. Airdrops

When the ICO space began to boom last year it was easier for new coins to draw attention and therefore investment. However, markets are now over saturated and it’s more difficult to stand out amongst the sea of ICOs.

By giving away free coins (in exchange for tasks) you can grow your community of active users and increase your exposure quickly.

I only ever use 2 companies here…Earn & Airdropone.

You need to get your Airdrops right. Airdrops are more than just offering free tokens. You need to consider the amount you’d like to give away and how to incentivise these users to do more for your community to grow. Earn can prove to be expensive so I wouldn’t consider this a lean hack, but Airdropone can comfortably get you 10,000 contacts over a 2 week campaign for $5,000.

5. Build Your Community — And Continue Building

Having a presence on reddit, twitter, telegram, and other specialised forums is a must if your ICO is to stand a chance of succeeding in this saturated space. These resources can prove to be spam heavy, but will provide you with an opportunity to build a community if done right.

Create and maintain a presence on these platforms to really get your ICO noticed. But remember, your content needs to be engaging and meaningful if you are to grow your followers. The more you engage the more they will feel like they are a part of the team — an interactive Telegram group will help you to grow a community and provide real value to your project.